Jac Blom Cooperage
Alphen aan den Rijn

Jac Blom Cooperage

Landscape architects, garden caretakers and garden lovers have been coming to Jac Blom for a stylish planter for decades. Our planters can be found in palace gardens, botanical gardens, orangeries, courtyards, along driveways and in private homes. Our traditional craft planter come in all shapes and sizes.

Jac Blom was originally founded in 1830 as a cooper’s workshop and factory for dairy tools and washing machines in Woerden. Here churning machinery, butter dishes, cream barrels, cheese molds and washing machines were made, mainly of teak wood.

Our planters can be found, among others, at the botanical gardens in Amsterdam, Het Loo Palace and Twickel Castle. Nowadays most of our planters are made of 100% Accoya wood, a wood type obtained from fast growing and sustainably managed forests with a durability that exceeds most types of tropical hard wood. With the invention of Accoya wood we can use wood for the production of our planters in good conscience.

Jac Blom BV is nowadays located in Alphen aan den Rijn and has grown to be a modern and all-round interior design business. Together with SB Interieur we are strong in custom interior work. In addition to extensive knowledge of wood types we have the creativity and craftsmanship for the production of our wooden garden tubs, planters and your custom interior work.